• As of when are you writing? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]I have been writing since I was young; I always knew that’s what I want to do! Obviously it wasn’t easy getting published, so I started out with self-publishing. Luckily I was quite successful and I attracted a lot of readers; then publishers started showing interest as well. I must thank one person in particular for removing a few of my doubts: my friend and fantasy author W.J. Maryson, best known for his Unmagician books, who opened doors for me to the international publishing world. Sadly, Maryson passed away in 2011. [/read]
  • When is your birthday? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]January 5th, 1967 [/read]
  • Where do you live? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]I live in The Netherlands, in a place called Venray, with my wife and 2 kids. [/read]
  • How do you write? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”](Jack still has to answer this question) [/read]
  • Where do you get your ideas? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]— Jack still has to answer this question —
    On some of the book pages on this website, you’ll find a header called ‘Inspiration’, where I tell about how my idea got a story. [/read]
  • Can you tell me more about yourself? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]The Jack Lance Community has done some interviews with me, you can read them here. [/read]
  • Do you write as a pseudonym too? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]I write (Dutch only) non-fiction stories in my own name, Ron Puyn. The fiction I write as Jack Lance. The non-fiction is also available in the shop. [/read]
  • Are your stories been made into a movie? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”] There is the in Hollywood made future movie: Night Eyes, and 4 short story’s that became movies. [/read]
  • Are your stories made into audio, so I could listen to them? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]Yes, there are several in Dutch only. You can find them here. [/read]
  • What is your favorite book from another author? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”] Stephen King is my absolute favorite, closely followed by Dean Koontz. But there are other, less famous masters in mystery and horror, like Bentley Little, John Katzenbach or the almost unknown Christopher Pike. Those are authors who can dish up fascinating ideas that wouldn’t let go of you untill you’ve read the whole book. [/read]
  • Where can I find all books that are published in my country? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”] Please look on this page, all publishers and countries are in that list. [/read]
  • Is there an order in what to read your books? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]All books can be read independently, and there is no order necessary for them. [/read]
  • I have read all Jack Lance’s books already. When is a new one coming? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”] I am currently writing on several titles. When a new book is to be expected you can find here! [/read]
  • Zone is a trilogy, can I read that separate? And when are part II and II be published? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]The story is independent, so you can read that without problems. There are some leads in the story that will be answered in further parts. [/read]
  • I want to buy a book, how can I do that? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”] Please go to supsenseshop.com where all my books are sold. We got Dutch books only. For my books in other languages please look to your bookshop or bookshops online. [/read]
  • I want a book with an autograph, is that possible? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]Of course you can come to me when I have a signing event somewhere and I will be happy to sign your book. Or, when you buy one at suspensehop.com I can sign it, or personalize it for you when you put that information on the ‘bijzonderheden’ on the order form. [/read]
  • Is there a mailinglist I can subscribe on? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]Sometimes we send out a Newsletter. We only send you an email when there is real news, like a date for a new book, or when I am signing somewhere. So, that’s like 2 times a year. [/read]
  • I have a problem or question/ found an error [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]Please contact our backoffice at backoffice@suspenseshop.com [/read]
  • I want to be a writer to, can you help me? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]Unfortunately I don’t have time for that, but if you really want to be a writer you can ….
    Read a lot, and learn. Then write, revise, start over, keep writing. Show it to some friends. Rewrite. Rewrite again. Take a course. Write. Join writer groups and when they all are positive, start looking for an editor and publisher. Good luck! [/read]
  • Do you have a Facebook page? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]Here is the Jack Lance Community Facebookpage, where not only news about me is presented, but we also are paying attention to interesting articles and other books in the suspense category. I am very involved in the community. [/read]
  • Is there a Jack Lance Fanclub? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]There is the Jack Lance Community (in Dutch only). The owner and I are in close contact, so all the information you find there is reliable, and I am very involved in the community. [/read]
  • What is your email address? [read more=”Answer” less=”Read Less”]I have no public email address. Messages to me are welcome on backoffice@suspenseshop.com. If necessary my secretary will put them through. You can also post a message on the facebookpage of the Jack Lance community. [/read]
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