polenbezoekWhat a week! The presentation of Plomien Strachu [Pyrophobia] in Warsaw was great. One of the highlights was my appearance on Tele Expres, the most popular Polish news programme, watched every day by many millions of people. For Dutch readers: Tele Expres is something of a blend between the NOS Journaal, DWDD and RTL Boulevard. I will share with you all the item about my book as soon as it’s been sent to me.

Then there was amongst others a succesful presentation and signing in my publisher’s own bookstore in the centre of Warsaw.
And my Publisher had some more exciting news: the first and substantial printrun of my book was sold out after just a week; the second run has already been printed and distributed Рand that was even befóre the item on Tele Expres.

I’ve signed really of lot of Plomien Strachu’s, I can tell you that! Even in my hotel people approached me, showing a copy of Plomien Strachu, and asking me to sign it…

It makes you feel famous. A strange, but not unpleasant feeling, I have to admit…

My great visit in Poland