It seemed an unfortunate fall that has, for weeks now, been keeping Alana in a state of coma, on the brink of death. The fragile foothold which keeps her alive crumbles with every passing day that she does not awaken. She can’t know, but her time left is limited.
When her husband Robert reconstructs the events leading up to her fall, he finds out that Alana had secrets. But he also makes strange discoveries about himself. Why does he remember things that didn’t happen? What’s real, what are illusions?
There is only one truth. From she dark shadows something evil is about to emerge.
Robert too has little time left.

Zone II
The journey of the passengers of Flight 582 isn’t over yet. They find themselves in a strange place, together with others like them and stranded like them. They have to deal with their new situation, but also with the horror that haunted the Princess of the Pacific.

Zone III
An apocalyptic battle shapes up and the still surviving passengers of the Princess of the Pacific must make a stand against the evil that haunted Flight 582, to find a way home at last.