On this page we would like to show you the film edition of Night Eyes (called Nachtogen in Dutch), which was filmed in Hollywood. There are several Jack Lance collections of stories, but they are only published in Dutch. For these, we recommend you visit the website of the Jack Lance Community.

Night Eyes

A young woman, Linda Raines, drives home one evening to her remote home, far from civilisation. There is a reason she lives there, alone. This day, however, she is not alone. Another vehicle is parked in the spot where she always parks her car. It is an exact copy of her own car, down to the smallest detail. This is the beginning of a confrontation with a horror from which Linda thought she had escaped. Read More




It was in 1990, I was still very young, when one morning, still sleep-deprived, I drove the usual route to work and was going to park my car behind the last corner. I was musing a bit about routine, that you do the same thing every day, at least often, which sometimes isn’t fun at all.
And then it happened. Read More



The old woman looks tired. Her blue nightgown falls far too wide over her skinny body. Her little hair is white as snow. Like a ghost, she stands at the top of the stairs. Her panting breath cuts through the silence of the night. Hesitantly, she places one foot on the top step. When she puts her second foot next to the first, she has to hold on to the banister with both hands.
Another step down. And another.
Then all goes wrong.
The old woman’s mouth drops open, as if startled. She lets go of the handrail and grabs her chest with both hands.
She falls forward. Read More


Published in

The Netherlands


Maxim magazine
Suspense in the tradition of Stephen King. Read More