Night Eyes is the feature length Hollywood movie based on Jack Lance’s Dutch novella Nachtogen. It is a psychological thriller, directed by David Cocheret, and starring Constance Brenneman, Steve Wilcox, Kieron Elliot and Troy Blendell. The movie collected prizes, such as the LA Thrillerfestival Award, and is currently available on
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Script: Jack Lance, David Cocheret
Director: David Cocheret
Released: 2014

SHOP DVD: not yet available, as the movie is still running in cinema’s, KLM entertainment screens and in onlinestores.

The feature movie was shot in Hollywood and premièred in Hollywood in September 2014. The European premiering was in the city of Hilversum, the Netherlands. Night Eyes has won among others the Los Angeles Thriller festival.

Trailers and impressions

Click on watch more for a short movie about The making of Night Eyes, a short impression of the world premières in Los Angeles and Hilversum, and an interview with cast and crew.
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Cast & Credits

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Cast Name
Screenplay David Cocheret Read More
Novella Jack Lance
Linda Raines Constance Brenneman Read More
Michael Steve Wilcox Read More
Paul Kieron Elliott Read More
Larry Troy Blendell Read More
Kim Dykema Tiffany Lowery
Young Linda Jackie R. Jacobson
Linda’s Dad Darin Singleton
Linda’s Mom Louise Martin
Kerry Crown Liza de Weerd
Detective Lee Kim Estes
Detective Lance Ben Faigus
Earl Joseph le Compte
Paramedic #1 Bear Badeaux
Linda’s Grandma Kay D’Arcy

The Book

The novella is written by Jack Lance. It is only published in Dutch, as Nachtogen.
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It was in 1990, I was still very young, when one morning, still sleep-deprived, I drove the usual route to work and was going to park my car behind the last corner. I was musing a bit about routine, that you do the same thing every day, at least often, which sometimes isn’t fun at all.

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