On this page we are pleased to show you the movie edition of Night Eyes, that is called Nachtogen in Dutch, and that has been made into a Hollywood movie. There are several Jack Lance short story collections, but these are only published in the Dutch language. For these we recomment you visit the Jack Lance Community website.

 A young woman, Linda Raines, drives home one evening to her secluded house, away from civilization. There’s a reason why she’s living there, alone.  This day, however, she’s not alone. Another vehicle occupies the spot where she always parks her car. It is an exact duplicate of her own car, down to the  smallest detail. This marks the beginning of a confrontation with a terror Linda thought she’d escaped from. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

Linda Raines drives home one day and is more than just a little astounded to see her car – the car she’s sitting in this very moment – parked in front of her house. She gets out, inspects the other car and finds that it is an exact duplicate of her own car, down to the smallest detail. That seems impossible yet sometimes the impossible can be true after all, as Linda discovers when remarkable events and horrors unfold. [/read]



It was 1990, and I was a very young guy when I, still sleep drunk, drove the usual route to my job. I wanted to park the car in the last turn of the road. I was miming on the routine you do all the time when it happened. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

I had a vision that behind the turn (which I still had to take), my own car already would be there, on the same trusted spot I always park. That image was so strong, I almost got afraid to take the turn. When I did, it was a relief that the spot was empty. There was no car, and certainly not my own car. The strange thought stayed with me, and became the story Night Eyes. A short version of it got published in the magazine Paravisie, and a longer one in an anthology.
Nothing special happened for years, and my carrier became a successful one. I wrote some novels and they all got published in lots of different languages, and can be read in a most parts of the world. How this story got to be a real movie, you can read here. [/read]


Will follow soon [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] not yet available [/read]

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Maxim magazine
Suspense in the tradition of Stephen King.

What happens is original in a Stephen King like atmosphere and surprising climax.

Dagblad Sp!ts
Horror that is nowhere to be found in the Netherlands.

on StephenKing.nl
I have to say that the Stephen King Fanclub is right: this man is a great writer and it is great to read. There is only one Stephen King, but Jack Lance is a great second, and you must read his scary stories.

When you start reading, you can’t stop. You’re staying curious, and want to read it cover to cover.

Dagblad De Gelderlander
At the minute you read that Linda sees the exact copy of her own car in the driveway you know… this aint no good…[/read]