Good news for Jack Lance fans: Jack is still writing!

“You haven’t heard much from me for a while. There’s nothing special about that. When you get married, become the father of two kids, build a new house and all that besides your regular job, there is less time left for other things.
I have never lost the desire to write. And the corona crisis is very unpleasant, but for me it is an incentive to make the best of it and thus to pick up the pen again.
If all goes well and according to plan, a new thriller of mine will finally be published at the end of this year. And if all goes well after that, I even intend to publish a new thriller every year for the next few years, as well as more short stories.”

Expected later in 2024: a new thriller by Jack Lance

Natalie Grant seems to be doing just fine. Even at a young age, she’s a successful psychotherapist.

Until she opens her eyes in a pitch black darkness.

It seems she is in an underground hole. Her right leg feels like it’s broken and she has a bleeding head wound. Worst of all, she can’t remember anything about what happened to her. The silence makes her fear that she has been buried alive.

Then something stirs in the darkness. It awakens her deepest fear. A horror, from long ago, that she thought she had finally put behind her.

But nothing is further from the truth.

And this time she cannot run away from it.

Announcement new thriller: Dark